Thursday, October 06, 2005

Open Challenge - Will Intel Bite??

Man, was so damn happy to read AMD's open challenge to Intel - a Dual-Core Duel!!! Seems like Intel is already running scared!!! Love this!!

Am a big lover of AMD and have had an AMD machine for years now and have even convinced my friends to use and AMD machine. I always thought that Intel kinda somehow went hand-in-hand with Microsoft and released a new processor every time Microsoft released a new version of Windblows. Now, here's a fresh new challenge from AMD!! Lets see how this sure that Intel will make up some excuse or manage to fiddle numbers somewhere!!

Check the link - AMD Dual Core Duel.

If you are a supporter of AMD, you can even sign a petition


  1. answer yet from Intel. lets see...

  2. Sure.... Intel inside will run outside!!!

  3. AMD is cut throat crap!!! how many times have u changed parts on that dumb PC of yours????

    AMD can be compared to a piece of rock pulled out of a CATS DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!(PARTLY FROM BLACK ADDER..HE HE)

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