Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A story (??) I heard.....

Here I am waiting for the cab after work last night and I meet this friend of mine who is working in another process......

The first thing he does is make a joke about carrying a book to read always....but you guys know what can happen when travelling in a cab of "upper-storey-vacant" people!!! Anyways, we talk about other things and it finally comes to a place in the conversation where he says that he got caught at home for drinking....as in getting really drunk. I really wish I can reproduce the conversations in the colloquial language that we used......its kinda more interesting that way.

He said that he had gone to a friends place for an overnight stay to have a drink. He has a family function to attend the next day. One led to another and he ends up drinking a whole lotta whisky. Not to be finished with that, he goes on to have a little beer and a little wine. (Don't ask how that is all going to go down in the stomach!). Then someone suggests that beer and wine mixed together is great and he goes for that. Finally, after a whole lotta drinking, he has a wink for an hour - this is at 5 in the morning. His friends give him valuable advise saying that if he has a bath in cold water, he's never going to have a hangover and all will be fine.....all will be fine as you will soon read....

He takes his friends' advise, goes home, has a cold shower. All seems to be fine when he is in there, but once he comes out, he realises that he has suddenly acquired double vision. To the unititiated, this is vision you get when you are highly intoxicated and hungover. You can see double of everything. Why I explain this in detail is because it is going to turn out as an important part of the story.

Still hungover, his friends drop him off at his aunt's house. He slinks in (or staggers in, I imagine) and stealthily locates a place where people cannot see him. But alas!, his grandmom comes and sits next to him and starts talking about the whole family thing. Bored and seeing quadruple from all that family talk, he makes small talk with some people around. He gets to know that what he is actually attending is a naming ceremony and that the name is Krishna Prasad. He does not seem to notice their quite disgusted faces....probably due to the smell of alchohol on his breath.

He manages to get out of the function and go home. His folks come in after some time and he asks his mom a very innocent question considering the circumstances.
"Why ma, have they given two names for one boy?"
His mom is thunderstruck. I think at this point she gives him a nice twist of his ear and says - "Son, that was not one boy. They are twins!!!"

Well, now you know why the double vision was so important!! The story does not end there, it goes on where he is given a thorough blasting by his mom and dad....but thats the boring part!!


  1. Dude.. You robbed the script from my mind... i should say. Or may be you've won the race to blog this on net. I had this in mind to blog it...cool.. you've put it across well. I can say this cos' I was a part of the conversation yesterday night when this happened.

  2. lol. I asked the guy abt this. He is tooooo embarrassed to talk abt it in front of his other colleagues...boy oh boy...

  3. I felt embarrassed when my collegues found me jumping out of my chair and lol...

    good incident and awesome description of it.


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