Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am reading the collected short stories of Jeffrey Archer on my way to office in the cab. It has some great short tales in it, always with a twist in the end!!! But otherwise normal talk on my cab when I come to office:

She: Wow, did u see that dance that *&#*($ did on the (*(*(*(* function??
She1: Yeah, she did a great number....
She: True, did seem a little too explicit though
She1: Yeah, a little too much exposure, but the crowd was sidey!!!

I am like thunderstruck!!!! Man, how can you talk both ways like that?? I mean, I understand that the crowd was sidey and that is sick. They must have hooted and screamed. But really, if you do a dance like that, so much so that even a girl thouught it was a little too much, what else do you expect. Women reading this will atonce say that I am sexist. But I say, just tell me......this is crazy!!

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  1. What's sidey? Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil?

    I am lost here.


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