Monday, August 15, 2005

Wither Freedom, Independence?????

Fucking stupid! Simple as that.

There is an all nite rock concert (well, not completely rock) that happens on the eve of Independence day every year. Its called Freedom Jam. The link is here. This is a great experience where all kinds of music is played on 3 different stages. The concert goes on from late evening till the early morning of the next day. This was real freedom where we could listen to some great music, drink some beer and handbang all nite to live music.

We look forward to this concert on every August 14. This time, we get the information on the evening of Aug14 that the concert has been postponed for security reasons. The next day, we read in the papers that at the same location, a carnatic concert had taken place. I ask - why no fucking security issues for these artistes?? Damn freedom when you cannot even let a couple of rock bands play all nite. Moral fabric or security reasons??


  1. Hi Dude...U may definitely guess who i am by seeing my blogger id.. got it?? cool i just became the member..u have a good blog bye!Take care.

  2. hi naveen!
    anwin and anoop told us about u. hope u join the "bloggers of bangalore club" soon. anwin will let u know the details. ciao!


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