Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Zombie!! Heres to you!

L K Advani resigning as the BJP president has caused quite a stir in political circles and quite a riot in our room.....

Last night, me and Anwin left for home quite late from office and our other friends were there, quite drunk..

We sit down and watch TV, surf channels and there comes this flash saying that Advani had resigned as the president - president of the and Anwin discuss this and have a laugh about why he actually resigned - over the cry that was made when he declared Jinnah a "secular" man!!!

All this aside, Zombie, whos watching all this with all the concentration he can muster, suddenly blurts out - "Man, it is said that even the president does not know what he will be speaking about! It is is speech writer to blame. Just think, the president saying something like this!!"

We were lost there...president of the BJP, yes....but president as for the country?? We start laffin....and later we find out....Zombie thought he was resigning as the president of the country!! And also that none of us really know who the president of the country is!!!


  1. Yeah and what a revelation it was. lol.

  2. next time am havin what u guys were havin!!!!!! dreaming this preposterous dream!!!! I wasnt even home that night!!!! i have Alibis!!!! I demand a fair trial!!!!!

  3. They don't have fair trials in hell, dude. So we are waiting for you, with pitch forks. hehehehehe


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