Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am reading this book by Stephen King called IT. Its an amazing book, pretty much slow moving but interesting nonetheless. To tell you the truth, it is so interesting that I even read it when coming by cab to office and there is a pretty gal sitting next to me. Hmmm, its that interesting!! Damn you Stephen King!

Anyway, there is this interesting concept in there - the placebo effect. Its got quite a quaint name to it, kinda corny too, but interesting. To know more about it, click here. And why I kept reading this book even in the cab was there was this very interesting part where Eddie Kaspbrak for the first time, breaks away from his protective mothers grasp. You can read this part in the pages 756 - 765. Interesting read...

Its great....


  1. ok heres a pickle..he he

    what do Naveen, Stephen king and a donkeys arse have in common?

  2. IT was doing the rounds when I was in college. Stephen King & Big Huge Book - the combo never really appealed to me, though half my batchmates were raving about it.

    Perhaps I should give it a shot after all!

  3. Yeah sure Manjusha, its a GREAT read....maybe u would enjoy it now.....give it a shot.....tried any other Stephen Kings....esp Christine?? try that!

  4. Steered clear from Stephen King all these years. Never really figured out why though.

  5. So what do you read most often?? and what kinda books and authors????

  6. Read "Strangers" by Dean Koontz, nice!


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