Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Damn the RIAA

This was an AMAZING post on Engadget that I read yesterday do not know how happy this makes me!!!! Dammit, all those damned record companies that keep minting money on the hard work of the artists and pay them in pittance!!

Also it really bugs me to know that even if I buy music online, I do not own the damn thing...there are DRMs and what not shit not that prevent me from owning what I have paid for....come to think of it, this is one of the basest forms of commercial interests that I have seen in a loong time...dammit and it makes me mad....mad also to know that all this money does not actually reach the artists...

Read the post here...

And the article starts off with this great line...made me roll on the floor laffing, both happy and funny..

“chickens coming home to roost”.....heehe

You can read more on the article there on that link...

Also it ends as "And you know, where was all of this sudden sympathy with consumer rights and anti-monopoly sentiments during any of the 17 years she was a major player in the music business, eh? It makes our hearts bleed to see the former mouthpiece of the RIAA whining from the other side of the fence, so we’ve whipped out the world’s tiniest violin for the occasion."

You would not understand that without reading the link...

Go on, make yourself happy!!!!


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  1. yeah dude. But the point is, there still are so many suckers who but online music with DRM content. Educating the masses are in order? I think so, yes.


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