Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Murder of democracy???

I read this article on the Hindu saying that a particular political party had called the dissolution of the assembly in Bihar as "Murder of democracy"...

Makes me think, is that a case of the pot calling the kettle black or even better - the devil quoting the scriptures??

Cliched, granted, but true ain't it????

Friday, May 20, 2005

Bush: Worst President Ever?

I read this great article on AlterNet where the columnist asks - Bush: Worst President Ever? You may think why I should bother with this question. Well, my friend, who knows, Dubya may one day wake up and think, "Wow, what a great new day to conquer India"..no, not funny....you never know...

But truly, I would agree, Dubya has been the worst president that the US has seen..

"Now we are stuck in another Vietnam-type war thousands of miles from home. All the Vietnam trappings are here for anyone who cares to notice -- indigenous insurgents, driven by a fanatical ideology, supported and supplied by "spoiler" nation-states with their own anti-U.S. agendas, thousands of dead civilians, American soldiers dying by the gross week in and week out, with no end in sight.

Nice going, George. Maybe because you skipped out on the Vietnam War you didn't know this could happen. Or maybe you really are as dumb as common road gravel."

You can read the whole article here.

New domain space!!

Seems like it is the second guy in our gang to get his own domain space.....Anwin

He has moved his blogs and other stuff in there now....still working on it and I am sure we can manage to screw it up!!

All the page needs now is a little splattering of Orange shades, some flourescent yellow, flash adds all advertising adult stuff and then lastly, some pop-up ads!!

Good going anw.in...rock on...

By the way, this is his page.... http://anw.in

Friday, May 13, 2005


I read this article on Slate where Seth Stevenson talks about living in India and the "experience" he had here....good reading...and for once, a white man does not have a stereotypical view of our country.

A small excerpt...

"I love how Indians are unflappable. Nothing—I mean nothing—seems to faze them in the least. If you live here, I suppose you've seen your fair share of crazy/horrid/miraculous/incomprehensible/mind-blowing stuff, and it's impractical to get too worked up over anything, good or bad.

(This is a trait I admire in the Dutch, as well. They don't blink when some college kid tripping on mushrooms decides to leap naked into an Amsterdam canal. Likewise, were there a dead, limbless child in the canal … an Indian person might not blink. Though he might offer a head waggle.)"


"I love that this is a billion-person democracy. That is insane. Somehow the Tibetan Buddhists of Ladakh, the IT workers of Bangalore, the downtrodden poor of Bihar, and the Bollywood stars of Mumbai all fit together under this single, ramshackle umbrella. It's astonishing and commendable that anyone would even attempt to pull this off."

To read the complete article....please visit


That was a good read...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Damn the RIAA

This was an AMAZING post on Engadget that I read yesterday night....you do not know how happy this makes me!!!! Dammit, all those damned record companies that keep minting money on the hard work of the artists and pay them in pittance!!

Also it really bugs me to know that even if I buy music online, I do not own the damn thing...there are DRMs and what not shit not that prevent me from owning what I have paid for....come to think of it, this is one of the basest forms of commercial interests that I have seen in a loong time...dammit and it makes me mad....mad also to know that all this money does not actually reach the artists...

Read the post here...


And the article starts off with this great line...made me roll on the floor laffing, both happy and funny..

“chickens coming home to roost”.....heehe

You can read more on the article there on that link...

Also it ends as "And you know, where was all of this sudden sympathy with consumer rights and anti-monopoly sentiments during any of the 17 years she was a major player in the music business, eh? It makes our hearts bleed to see the former mouthpiece of the RIAA whining from the other side of the fence, so we’ve whipped out the world’s tiniest violin for the occasion."

You would not understand that without reading the link...

Go on, make yourself happy!!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A new week!!

Wow, a brand new week!! I am all raring to go...go as in NOT go to office....

Damn, the weekend was pretty ok...we went to Styx where we had a good headbang...i miss my hair when doing the "imaginary axe wielder" thing!!!

Theres a bit of good news that I cannot share here, except that some people were really pissed off that we had not told them about it!! To say the least, all I can say that is that they have to understand.....

The new process is pretty good....too many calls in fact at the beginning of the shift.....

Later then.....

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Its official!!!!

88% of people are more cooler than me, and 12% are more of a loser than I am!!!

I am 88% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!