Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One grand reunion!!

Seems like some time since i posted on this page....

I have been quite busy at work and do not get time to do these things which were so easy before. I had loads of time before at work what with no responsibilities and nothing much to do, but now, for some days, I have been actually working - unbelievable!!

Works good, but even better was the last weekend. Anand and Renie drove down all the way from Chennai and reached here on Friday night. Also, Anoop turned up on that night. Though we did not get to meet them that day, what with all the late night shifts and all, we did get to meet them the next day. Also, Gerald turned up on Saturday morning and we all went to meet Anand and Renie on Saturday evening. Also Manu, the Dark Lord arrived without fanfare in the evening. It was one grand reunion.

Finally, we all settled in for beers at TGIF. This is one lunatic, all-american pub here in Bangalore that reeks of Americanism, but that was not the issue. We all had a blast there at that time!! The beer kept flowing and we were all making "future" plans. It was at this time that we all decided on somethings to do for Anands wedding time. We all have decided on a bachelors party before Anands wedding, where each one of us has a theme. Well, leave the rest to your imagination, but please guys, do remember what your themes were!!

We then left for home to start of all over again. Whoever thought that a game of Dumb Charades could be so interesting! Damn!!! We all stayed up till the morning light, and like vampires, went of to sleep at the first sight of dawn. Corny I know...

It was good fun and I have some great fotos to prove it...will be putting them up....till later...

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