Friday, December 15, 2006

Invite to Blogger Beta...

Damn, I got an invite sorta thing for the Blogger Beta.....and I moved my blog still hasn't worked!! Damn, Damn Damn!!

Bill Gates hates DRM

Hehe, this has to be the drunken statement of the year!!. Was Bill Gates on drugs or was he drunk to say something like this?? To think that even the Zune player cripples the songs that you legally buy but still Bill Gates says DRM is crap?? Haha, read up on the whole article here.....

Got the original link from BoingBong.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rage - Stephen King / Richard Bachman

I am just reading Stephen King's (written as Richard Bachman) book called the "The Bachman Books". The first story in that is called Rage. What an incredible story. There is not much to it except the suspense. I have not finished it yet but it is so gripping and incredibly un-put-downable!. It courses through the day a kid loses his head in school and holds some of his fellow students hostage. King takes us through the mind-trip that the guy goes through. When you read it, you can understand what must have gone through so many of those american teenage killers who are out to shoot their fellow students!. A total mind-trip. Or like I would say, a total MIND-FUCK!! The protagonist gives us an insight into his screwed up brain and a totally different view on people under extreme duress!!.

This is the definition that the guy gives us of a shrink - "A mind-fucker, a head-stud.That's what a shrink is for, my friends and neighbours; their job is to fuck the mentally disturbed and make them pregnant with sanity". Fucking hilarious!!

A total must-read!!.

How Rich are you?

Well well.....but read up on that site...its not all rosy...

I'm the 862,201,334 richest person on earth!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Flames and remove unwanted people from photos

Hehe, just thought that I would post about taking photos today. The following is an image I took of a camp-fire when we had gone out on a very "fun-filled" team outing. Think the picture came out very well and I love the clarity of the image.


Secondly, I saw this tutorial on Lifehacker on how to remove tourists from great photographs that you take, especially on nice locations. Renie, I am sure this will be helpful for you. There is a whole tutorial on this link. Direct link to the page - here.

Update, update - saw this link for another nifty app that you can use for free on the net called TouristRemover.