Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 years of blogging!

Its been 5 since I wrote my first post - way back in December 29, 2004! Thanks to Sam who started me off in writing a blog. Hehe, looks like Facebook has killed his blog though! :)

I did manage to get some people at my workplace to start a blog - some of them have been quite regular since then - Oracle Incognito (have you deleted the blog?), Simon, Listener's Vision, Abhi, Jacinth, come to mind. Some have died off but thanks for the effort guys! Facebook and others of its ilk will be the death of our blogs! :)

Thanks to Anwin - who is still prolific with his blogging, I moved to my own domain. He also convinced Simon and Zeon to get their own domains. Mustn't forget Renie and Anoop who also write on and off!

And thanks to IndiBlogger, I get good traffic to my blogs - yes, I have another photoblog - Naveen's Clicks. I "try" and post a new pic a day - if only months were days :)

Well, blogging has been fun.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Dea(l)d of the day had announced an awesome Deal of the day deal starting yesterday. I was hoping to get a good deal. But the server promptly crawled up and died at exactly 11:00 AM when the deal was to start. Guess it couldn't stand all the attention!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Pre-cable days. Thinking backwards, it seems like such a long time back. One channel. One news, one version only. Cricket matches with only 2 cameras covering all the action. Commentary in Hindi. "Aur char run!". Complan ads. Bajaj scooters.

Came across this blog - Doordarshan National. Check it out. You'll go back in time.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lake Placid

A placid lake...

Guess where?? You might be surprised.....

Lake Placid

As usual, click the image for the larger one....