Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Compulsory draft for India?

Well, me thinks this is a very good idea. India is one of the few developing/developed countries in the world which does not have its citizens to compulsorily serve in the army at one point in their lives. I really believe that this will teach a lot of values to our people and make them learn discipline both mental and physical!. Also think that it will teach them to stop cribbing and crying for all the governments faults and help out more to make this country a better place. Your thoughts?

For more information on conscription, check out Wikipedia.


  1. what makes u think that compulsory training would help anyone get better?

    u know of any examples?

    my first thought was....

    what the ****?


    But me thinks that the disciplined life in the army atleast will instill some sense, civic or otherwise on us!!

  3. Well it might or might not have effect depending on what our guys get access to in the Army. What we are trying to achieve is self discipline and if army could give it, good. But its most likely that it will not happen. We always talk about democratic bullshit for escapes. We've done that for 100s of generations. But if that can teach us (especially Indians) that life is not just only about multiplying your fucking generation and leaving all that you've earned and learned ONLY to them, THEN its a good call.

    Well can't say if it will completely help or not right now, but certainly worth a try... at least a research...


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