Thursday, December 30, 2004

Making a political issue out of DEATH!

There are lots of people dead, some still rotting on the beaches where the Tsunamis struck and here in India, in Tamilnadu in fact, we have political television channels fighting and slanging on air.

SunTV, backed by the DMK accuses the ruling government that it is not providing enough help for the people at the ground level. And the ruling party's channel says that the Chief Minister is doing a great job.

Though some of these accusations may be true, this is a time for us to concentrate on the job at hand, which is not to point an accusing finger at other people but to do what we can to help the survivors of this grave tragedy!!! There is a dire need for people to help and to provide clothes, medicines and food to the survivors. There is a fear that more people could die with the diseases that could spread from the affected areas. Let us do what we can. Again I say, you can make a difference, please make a donation, save some lives.


  1. Yeah, good post there friend. Well, we all know that this is what will happen on these television channels, so do not worry, there are lots and lots of people doing a great job.

  2. Roy, the churches here in the terrible US of A have not had a chance to respond yet, but will I assure you. I did read where the terrible US of A and Congress allocated 13 Billion $ with more to come. We are a giving nation and everyone saw US come together as a family during 9/11 and we will for those affected by this Tsunami. I know listening to the radio last night that clean water, food and shelter and vaccines are primary on our list of immediate response. I also heard where fishing villages are completely washed away and their is nothing to build on nor an assessment at this time of what is needed and where? This is so bad when the need is so great. We have you, everyone is our prayers and will give generously to those that can help you and yours with what is needed....Jeff

  3. thanks a lot for that comment, Jeff...well, it is a sad thing that people of all places have prejudices that run REALLY deep...when there is one death of a white person somewhere in the world, it is published everywhere in the world! lose 10,000 other lives and all u get is a television channel explaining how things could have been better and so many lives saved!


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