Monday, November 09, 2009

Crisis over in Karnataka

Well, the crisis for the BJP Government is over in Karnataka - finally!! Now, all those MPs cavorting at resorts in Goa and other parts of Karnataka can get off their butts and start some relief work for the people affected by the recent floods.

This is called holding people to ransom. Welcome to politics in India. Even the "party with a difference" did not have the BALLS to crack the whip and ask these jokers to get off with their intra-party disputes and get some work done.

Well, people - you might not know who to vote for in the next elections. But I am sure you now know who NOT to vote for!

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  1. It is a big relief man. I was wondering if the work on the metro and roads will stop forever now.. hehehe ;-)

    Let's hope things get rolling now.


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