Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bangalore Blogger Meet

You guys must have come across the blog directory that lists blogs by bloggers of Indian origin - Indiblogger. Well, if you haven't, nows the time to navigate away to that page and get registered!! Like we say at Indiblogger, don't let your blog feel left out! Other cool stuff at Indiblogger is that you can even download an Indiblogger Wordpress theme, download and put up and Indiblogger based on your interest. There are Indiblogger badges like IndiRocker, IndiClicker etc.

So now that this has tickled your blogbuds, go ahead and register at this site. And it gets even better if you are from Bangalore. There is an upcoming Bangalore Blogger Meet which has been initiated by Anwin. This has been scheduled for 16/02/2008 at 16:00 at the Microsoft building off the Inner Ring Road. But beware, only registered bloggers can attend. And to have been registered with us, you must have a blog. Err, hope that made sense.

So join the party and bring your blog along. Don't make it feel left out!!

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