Saturday, December 22, 2007

Online Review Site

I came across this site yesterday. Its a site that primarily deals with providing reviews of online casino sites. It does this with a very simple and intuitive interface. Most of all, its free!. It assists US Players to find safe and fun online gambling destinations. The casinos are ranked by pro poker and blackjack players, according to bonus size, payout rate, customer support, number of games, deposit options, graphics and ease of use. What I found most interesting was that the very indepth reviews that are provided for every online casino. There are also Online Poker rooms and Online Sportsbook. The site is very simple and does not have any irritating pop-ups or other distractions. It gives you what you need. The sitemap and the Contact Us tabs make up the rest of the site and it is indeed well laid out. Another interesting thing about this site is that there is a whole lot of options that you can choose from. You can select any game that you like most. Feel like playing some Poker, go ahead and choose it. You can even play Roulette online. But what I found most interesting was the fact that there are reviews of many online casinos. You can even view them according to player ratings or editor ratings. Makes it all the more easier for you to get your reviews!.Give it a check out!.

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