Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chavez calls Bush "El Diablo"

Man, wish Chavez can speak in English. It must have been a treat to watch him call Bush the Devil at the UN General Assembly Meeting. Chavez addresses Bush as the Devil and also mentioned that the podium still smelled of sulphur. Awesome.

To read the whole story, click here....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Radio Indigo

Wow, finally a good FM radio station that we guys can listen to. Its called Radio Indigo. You can view their web-site here. It plays only internation music and pretty decent music by the way. I also read somewhere that they have slots for Heavy Metal as well as good old rock music. Me and Anoop found it so interesting that we are planning to get mobiles with FM capabilities!.

On another note, am just back after meeting a friend whose son passed away in a freak accident. The 5 yr old kid was probably playing around and fell into the sump, hit his head and lost consiousness. He was unable to call out for help, drowned and died. Sad times for my friend and family. Gladly we were able to give a little bit of courage for the guy and push him to remember that he has a daughter to take care of now. This is for you, Barry...will always remember you by that pseudo-name!!.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

Well, like I thought, Lukas Rossi is in as the frontman for Supernova...or should I say Rockstar Supernova. Yeah, Tommy's just been slapped with a lawsuit for using that name, there is already a rock band with that name around. So RockstarSupernova it is!! Hehe...

And Karthik has tagged me. I swear I can't understand what he wants me to do, but here goes my effort :

1) Love : Is a pain..even when it is going great, it is a pain. This kinda pain may be good, but it still is pain....one big fucking never ending painful journey
2) Girls : Are indescribable. You can't live with them, you can't live without them. Cliched, agreed, but still stands true I guess.
3) Beer : Should replace rain!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Michael Shumacher retires....

And thank God for that!!! Now, I can start supporting Ferrari completely. Always had to be a little stand-offish in supporting the Ferrari team all this while. Simply because I hated Schumi. Aargh, he was an ok driver and would probably have not won so many titles if Ferrari's team strategy was not to allow any other Ferrari driver to overtake Schumi and always give him the best car. But now that he is gone, the races will become more interesting and Ferrari/Bridgestone can kick everyone's ass!!

Even Anoop seems to want to support Ferrari once Schumi retires. Guess the only sad one in the gang must be Karthik. Cry your heart out brother, he ain't coming back!!!!.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Anti-reservation protests and Lumpen elements

Well, saw this awesome cartoon in todays Hindu that showed a doctor/scientist standing and thinking about his just created monster. Thinking where the legitimate student representation ends and where the monster takes over. Its true, so many of the so-called protests are nowadays politically motivated to such an extent that they are used by political parties for short-term gain. Makes me think that its better India never have a student uprising anyday!!.

I would say that even the anti-reservation protests are politically motivated and drawn by strings from some shady puppeteer somewhere...I am certain that all these end in the hands of some dirty, fucked up politician, swimming in dirt and grime, licking his ugly hands in glee. Beware! all yes students, look around. Make a stand.!!

The cartoon is by Keshav in todays Hindu, the link for this cartoon is here...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Beer Appreciation Society...

Proud to be part of the....

Get your own official seals - here.

And on the topic of beer, visit this site called BeerAdvocate. Decent site, where you can read up on all kinds of beer and even add your reviews!! Even Kingfishers in there somewhere.....