Saturday, December 24, 2005

SETC hell!!

The SETC stands for State Express Transport Corporation. This is the long distance transport bus facility run by the Tamilnadu government. It has to be one of the worst!! Me and Anwin started off from Bangalore at around 6 PM. We reached here at home at 11 in the morning. That is 17 hours of travel. Even for the low standards of the SETC, we should have been at home at 9!! And KPN does the whole journey in 12 hours! This is so frigging pathetic. And the dust inside the bus. I came out of the bus and dusted myself off. My bag was worse. And I wouldn't even want to start off on the quality of the seating and the leg-room. Thank god that the seat in front of me didn't work. That saved my legs.

Anyways, I am finally at home. And bored. Miss my bike.


  1. Dude...Thats how tamilnadu transport is... to change it you or I have to be transport minister.

  2. Hey dude....dont worry about your bike man...karthik & myself plan on going for a long ride..its in good hands i assure you..coz i will be tghe one riding it...anyway u have a good holiday...see ya soon..


  3. Thanks Slayer!!! I wouldn't trust you or Karthik with the bike - no whats happening work and still they make you come to office???

  4. 12? KPN generally does the trip in 7-8 hours. Last I travelled at least. Which was around a month ago.

  5. setc is now improvimg thier revenue.(for more details see hindu online).so v will expect it to be good in the near by future

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