Monday, October 31, 2005

Hello there ppl....

After a really long time it seems.......

Came across these great links on Make:Blog

The first one is for getting a great image of the outside world into your

The second is for creating a $1 compound

The last one is something that has interested me as a kid.....still interests me.....making miniature

Just another thing.....theres this tempting ad from Google AdSense.......asking me to sign up and put it on my blog.....what say you ppl??

Well, its a long time......catch u all later....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Quill pen anyone?

Came across this link on BoingBoing........where a guy has given comprehensive information on how to make a quill pen. I remember those days of old when I used to try and make quill pens from chicken wings and what not. It never did come out very well, but was always fun. Seems like there is so much more work....

Check out the direct link....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nothing new

Well, nothing new.....except that Gerald is bangalore and has not met us yet....

He had come here for a Prayer meeting.....with some lover girl of he had no time to meet us...what with all the praying...but dude....keep it up....nice one!! Gerry's a rocking!

And anyways, we will be meeting up this saturday...hope to get all the news out of Gerry then....Renies here too.....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Open Challenge - Will Intel Bite??

Man, was so damn happy to read AMD's open challenge to Intel - a Dual-Core Duel!!! Seems like Intel is already running scared!!! Love this!!

Am a big lover of AMD and have had an AMD machine for years now and have even convinced my friends to use and AMD machine. I always thought that Intel kinda somehow went hand-in-hand with Microsoft and released a new processor every time Microsoft released a new version of Windblows. Now, here's a fresh new challenge from AMD!! Lets see how this sure that Intel will make up some excuse or manage to fiddle numbers somewhere!!

Check the link - AMD Dual Core Duel.

If you are a supporter of AMD, you can even sign a petition